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I have just received Breitling Avenger replica watches automatic black dial 1026. I am very pleased with it but unfortunately I cannot wear it because the bracelet is far too big for my wrist. I need to remove four links. Local watchmakers say they cannot remove the links because they cannot undo the screws holding the links. Please advise if there is anything I can do to make the watch wearable.

Have you managed to ship replacement Breitling Chronomat replica watches yet? Also as promised I have two other birthdays end July start August. Can you confirm if your have any different stock than is already on your website by then? If not it is not an issue as I've seen a few watches that I know they will like, but my other daughter would love Breitling for Bentley replica watches and I wondered if you would have any more ladies watches in by then?

I took your advise on board and I have winded the watch unfortunately afterwards it works for few minutes and then I have to wind it again. It's ridiculous that I'm having to wind it 5/6 times a day. The Breitling Navitime replica watches stop for no reason at all. Their is probably a fault with the watch. Please help me in this matter. I am absolutely devastated with this watch. It is ridiculous the amount of times it stops. I'm not happy and my wife is unhappy. I'm frustrated and angry with this watch. Can you please contact me ASAP to resolve this matter, because I'm just not happy with this purchase.

Why should I repair a watch which you sent me was already faulty? It was your responsibility to sell good Breitling Professional replica watches. You should not have dispatched a faulty item on the first place. It's your responsibility so please you cooperate with us to resolve this. I have already gone to repair shops actually for your information. I will not go again. If I feel that you are not cooperating with me, then I would have to take alternative route to resolve this.